Role of the Yakult Central Institute

A learning site for tomorrow's lifestyle, starting from your intestines

Health information is available all around you.
Is there so much information that you don't know what to believe anymore?

A desire to be healthy.
How do you feel about being unable to escape health concerns in the world we live in today,
even though everyone has the same desire?
Everyone has intestines and everyone has intestinal bacteria that support their health.

In order for people to be healthy, everything around them must also be healthy.

Under this slogan, believing that the intestines are the key to health and that intestinal bacteria
hold infinite possibilities for human beings, we provide information backed by scientific
evidence on a daily basis with the aim of ensuring a healthy future for all.

Learning that can be employed in tomorrow's lifestyle based on science.
The Yakult Central Institute aims to deliver a healthy tomorrow by providing accurate
information through this site.

Welcome to the learning site of the Yakult Central Institute.