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About Institute

Quality Assurance Unit

The Quality Assurance Unit handles compliance checks for all standards at the Institute, and does work relating to assuring the reliability of studies, research work and research data.

Basic Research Department

The Basic Research Department researches the relationship between intestinal microbiota and health and works to scientifically verify the concept that a healthy intestinal tract leads to a long life, to elucidate scientific evidence for our products and their value in preventive medicine.

Microbiological Research Department

The Microbiological Research Department produces and breeds seed cultures of the bacteria strains used in products and develops fermentation technology. It also collects useful microorganisms and analyzes their functions, and discovers microorganisms with new physiological functions, with the aim of utilizing them in product development.

Food Research Department

The Food Research Department utilizes the results of basic research and our proprietary research assets, and through the search for new materials, assessment of their effectiveness and nutritional function, and application of biological engineering technology, conducts developmental research of new functional food with a high level of added value that can contribute to health and quality of life.

Pharmaceutical Research Department

The Pharmaceutical Research Department, based on our original theories relating to cancer, searches for new drugs with a high level of added value and assesses a wide range of candidates for new drugs.

Cosmetic Research Department

The Cosmetic Research Department searches for useful bioactive substances for the skin based on basic dermatology research and fermentation technology. It also carries out developmental research of new cosmetics through verifying their effectiveness and conducting technological research such as blending them into emulsions.

Safety Research Department

The Safety Research Department conducts safety testing research on foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, and provides support and backup for basic research as well as developmental research of foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Analytical Science Department

The Analytical Science Department conducts developmental research of analytical technologies which are the foundation for research and development, checks and assures the safety of foods based on the utilization of these technologies, analyzes environmental states, promotes the use of water purification systems, and conducts research such as microbial analysis.

Administration Department

Research Management Center

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